Our E-Commerce management service allows business owners to concentrate on day to day operations…

Taking care of a website can be time consuming. Adding products, managing customers and promotions. Fitting this in around your daily routine often leads to rushed work, inefficiency and frustration. More often than not business owners look to employ another member of staff to take care of a website in house.

Using our service allows you to save both time and money, our expert team are highly experienced using our platform. Allowing us to complete tasks with a more efficient turnaround, in turn using less man hours and saving money.

Our team work as an extension of your business, giving you a remote ecommerce management consultant for a fraction of the price of a full time member of staff.

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James Booth – N.E. Stoves

I spend my days up and down the North East, installing and fulfilling surveys. I simply don’t have the resource to manage our growing website. It made sense to use ovo Studio for our website needs.

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What you can expect from our Website Management Service

Ecommerce Management

Our management services are flexible to suit your needs and are based on an allotted monthly allowance of support. Whether that time be used to add products and services to your site, work on the site structure and performance, or provide analytical feedback for improvements. 

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