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We offer an extremely personal approach to our clients, with great communications, no tickets or hold lines, you get direct interaction with the people working on your campaigns.

Using our project management software which you get full access to, we provide strategy and structure alongside scheduling plans to ensure you have full clarity on the work being undertaken by our team.

Our approach is truly unique, we immerse ourselves fully in your business. In doing so becoming an active extension of your team. We get to know your structure, in house capabilities and goals and ensure all the support and service we offer you is in line with your brand and resources.

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Natalie & Danielle Futo – Co Founders

The team at ovo Studio have really helped me with the digital side of my business. The emails have worked extremely well, allowing me to remind customers of upcoming installations, prompt them when services are due and grow their awareness of my brand.

Service Introduction

Email Marketing

Focus was placed on audience growth, ensuring a GDPR compliant succession plan was put in place. Paired with a strong collection of beautifully designed automation campaigns to help build brand awareness and give customers insight into the brands stunning range of womenswear and accessories. Working alongside the girls we create strategy focused email campaigns aligned with seasonal trends and stock insights.


Email Audience Increase


Email Revenue Increase


In-House Resource

An already well established and successful brand, grown mainly through social media. The team at Lielle are consumed with design and creation of their stunning handmade lines. leaving little time for ecommerce management or digital strategy implementation. Whilst the business was growing, Lielle wanted to introduce a strong digital marketing strategy to reflect their stunning clothing range.


eCommerce Management

Here at ovo Studio we provided an extensive .ecommerce and growth support package alongside new marketing channels, providing key CRO insight and improvement recommendations, implementing key site features for increasing AOV and offering ongoing advice and support. Allowing the team girls at Lielle to focus on designing and creating and developing their range. 

Service Introduction

Paid Social Media Management

As a brand who have excelled over social media and effective promotions through key influencers, organic content was never an issue. The introduction of key retargeting and demographical campaigns to focus on retention and conversion applied an effective strategy for growth on their chosen social media platforms.

Working closely with the team at Lielle we created beautiful dynamic display campaigns aligned with their brand guidelines.


Post Engagement Increase


Reach Increase

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