Supporting Leo’s Neonatal, vCreate and their array of services in the region

vCreate Neonatal Video Diaries brighten the hospital experience for parents of premature and sick babies, because nurses are able to make videos of babies and send them to mum and dad when they are not able to be in the Neonatal Unit.

Once parents have signed up for an account, they can start to receive video messages of their baby on their smartphone.

vCreate is a family integrated neonatal care initiative that helps to comfort and support parents during one of the worst times in their life. vCreate is a lifeline for worried parents, and it allows them to feel closer to their baby and more involved in their child’s care (outcomes that are both associated with the mental wellbeing of parents).

Here are Ovo Studio we have pledge to raise a minimum of £15,000 a year to fully fund vCreate across our region. Our efforts so far have seen the program launched in four units and in doing so have made Leo’s the UK’s largest provider of the service.

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Funded Playgroups

Continued Post Neonatal Support

As part of the Leo’s commitment to caring for families in the community across the region.

They have teamed up with James Cook University Hospital to collaborate on a community outreach team. These free sessions are in place to provide a safe space for parents to enjoy their maternity of paternity leave.

The free service provided a platform to offer families advice, support and a cup of tea amongst families going through a similar journey.

Sessions are open to anyone who has been on the neonatal unit, no matter how short the stay, all our welcome. 

 132 Free 

Hours of playgroups provided across the region

Improving Mental Well-Being

NICU Dedicated Projects

Heartbeat bears are one of the latest initiatives from Leo’s. In a bid to reduce separation anxiety faced by parents when having to leave the neonatal ward. With the assistance of Kalma Baby and Window To The Womb, Leo’s have been able to provide a bear for every family at The University of North Durham Hospital, Darlington Memorial Hospital and Sunderland Royal Hospital. 

 220 Donations 

Of heartbeat bears

NICU Stay Support

Bespoke Welcome Boxes

The ultra considerate Leo’s welcome boxes are gifted to families spending time on a neonatal unit with no cost. Containing musilins, water bottles to keep parents hydrated, beautiful handmade oils and books to read to your little one. Designed to take the edge off and hopefully make what is an extremely stressful stay just that little bit more comfortable. These boxes are donated across the region.

 444 Donations 

Of welcome boxes

Support & Separation Anxiety

Outreach and Services

Leaving the NICU after an length of stay can be a rollercoaster. Trauma often creeps up on families. It doesn’t just affect parents, it can be grandparents, siblings, aunties and uncles. Leo’s aim to support this transition.

Trauma can affect anyone who has spent time with a family on the neonatal journey, and it can be damaging. 

 190 Hours 

Worth of peer support given to families

 4 Units 

Launched vCreate in 2019

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