Influencer Ambitions? Top 5 Tips For Success

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Influencer marketing is a hot topic, particularly in the world of Instagram. Consider Kylie Jenner for instance. Who aside of running her own makeup and styling brands, continues to generates over a million dollars of revenue per Instagram post.

Clearly, in today’s society people can make an actual full time living by gaining online influencer status.

So, if you are an aspiring influencer know that when it comes to generating a wage there are key considerations.

The number of followers you have can significantly impact your revenue. However with Social Media Marketing being an ever growing industry now this role is more accessible than ever.

According to recent studies and trends, being an influencer with 30,000 followers upwards can typically earn around £260 per post. Those with 100,000 followers can charge a client up to £2000.

So you want to be an influencer? Here’s what you need to do

Influencer marketing is a large industry

1. Find what makes you stand out and use it to develop your brand.

Branding doesn’t apply just to major corporations, you are your brand in the world of influencers. This starts with identifying a niche where you can offer unique insights and experiences (such as travel opportunities, fashion outlook, or fitness regime). Partner this with a premium quality posts is a winning combination.

Make you focus on an area you are truly passionate about, something you can create quality content for. In the long term you are going to struggle to maintain a high level of posting quality if its not ‘real’ and it’s not ‘you’.

Finding a subject area where you are both knowledgeable and have something different to share. This will make it easier to create high-quality photos and captions that retain your target audience’s attention.

2. Use automation tools to streamline your workload

While content creation is an essential part of the role you should consider other key tasks. These include engaging with potential followers or scheduling posts for the upcoming period. This load management will play a vital part in expanding your audience.

Instagram automation tools can lead to direct account growth while also streamlining your workload, cutting down on the time you eat up manually uploading content.

This in turn gives you more time to respond to comments or create beautiful posts for your account — the foundation for continued engagement.

3. Be Sure To Post consistently.

Some huge brands with millions of followers focus on posting unique content almost every hour. As a budding influencer, you probably don’t have the resource (or time) to create and post brand new content that often.

As a rule of thumb, many micro-influencers with perhaps a few thousand followers want to post only once or twice a day to avoid overwhelming their audience.

However, key studies have revealed, the key factor in growing and maintaining an engaged audience isn’t how often you post. It’s actually that you post consistently.

A recent study following 55 top brands, concluding that those who posted every hour didn’t see a drop off in engagement. However, the study did report that engagement declined when the brands posted inconsistently.

Top tip! If you begin posting once per day, don’t suddenly drop off to posting only twice per week. This will cause your engagement to falter. Be sure to set a pace you can maintain for the long run!

4. Influencer Buddies, Work Together!

It’s now common practice that brands connect with top influencers in an attempt to increase revenue or grow their audience reach on Instagram. As a growing influencer, you can do that too!

The same way you would in a standard business situation, networking with other influencers on social media platforms will introduce your own account to a whole new range of audiences that might otherwise not even discover your content.

It’s important you ensure that these collaborations benefit both you and your chosen influencer partner.

When choosing other influencers to work with, look for those who work in niches complementary to yours. Someone who is going to help you grow your brand rather than detract, don’t simply work towards someone solely based on a large following.

This way, you’ll have greater audience overlap and be more likely to gain new followers from producing joint content.

5. Make use of hashtags!

Stunning photos and a clever captions are a great base for creating high quality content that will grow your audience.

But if you want your posts to be discovered by people who don’t already follow your brand, you’ll need to introduce relevant hashtags for all your posts.

Research campaigns have consistently found that introducing five to seven relevant hashtags massively increases its engagement. In fact, a recent study undertaken by Social Media Lab.

It was found that when hashtags were implemented on influencer posts, likes rose by over 70 percent whilst comments soared by an outstanding 392 percent.

For best engagement results, include relevant hashtags to suit your post content.

Try to be as specific as you possibly can. Remember a generic hashtag like “#fun” will likely generate so many other posts using the same hashtag. You don’t want your content will get lost in a sea of posts.

Influencers Focus on Hashtags

In Conclusion…

It goes without saying, becoming a successful influencer requires a lot of work and dedication.

You’ll need a keen eye for the unique and a catch. Don’t underestimate the effort that goes into this role. After all, if you are expecting to make a living solely from your Instagram posts.

You will absolutely have to approach creating them like a full-time job.

So dive in and try out some of our growth strategies. We hope they help you reach and grow more engaged audiences.

Audiences who are keen to see what you have to share from your niche. We hope in turn this enables you to increase your revenue and build your own personal brand.

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