FACEBOOK Rebrand Aiming For Optimism


Forget Facebook: it’s customers to meet FACEBOOK. The fresh new look for the social media giant. Which is a vital component for many Social Media Marketing clients worldwide.

Alongside investigations, soaring share prices and a plethora of news headlines. The Social Media giant has announced the rebranding is an attempt to change it’s image. 

In the coming weeks, a brand new multicoloured, capitals logo will begin appearing across its various services. 

In addition to this Instagram and Whatsapp, which are also owned by the company, will now begin to tell users they are services “from FACEBOOK”

Reasons behind the change.

But what many users are asking is why FACEBOOK? This appears to be such a small scale change for an organisation of this size. Furthermore will it really make as big of a difference as they are hoping it will?

The rebrand has been described as an ‘image and perception altering move’ Facebook is the Social Network that has negatively been in the headlines for so many reasons as of late.

FACEBOOK is the new look with no negative press.

The upper-case logo has been designed with “clarity and openness” in mind, as suggested by a blogpost shared by the Social Media giant.
In addition FACEBOOK have said they have chosen to use “dynamic” colours with the logo “taking on the colour of its environment”.

Additionally adding a clear motive for the drastic change.

Clearly a large amount of consideration has been taken into the rebrand. But what else would we expect from the social media giant?

The company is calling this “an empathetic colour palette”, which sort of makes sense. They also feel, “the subtle softening of corners and diagonals adds a sense of optimism”.

Customer perception. How will the change land?

When you look at the new FACEBOOK branding do you feel the change in perception of the company?

Last month, Yahoo went in the opposite direction, opting for a lowercase branding! in an effort to remind people of its existence. As it falters behind leading search engines.

How do you use social media within your business?

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