Mailchimp Automation, Why Introduce It?

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Mailchimp is a great tool for email marketing used here at ovo Studio,

Although people generally associate this outreach with targeted emails built around a bespoke outward campaign. Mailchimp marketing suite allows for wide range of functionality.

In the industry we refer to as an ‘Automation Campaign’ 

Mailchimp’s features allow us to design and implement targeted emails. Once triggered by a specific date, event or customers activity our bespoke campaigns go straight to your customer. 

How does this work within our service?

We build bespoke email designs with no use of templates, structured around your branding guidelines. This allows an extension of your company reach whilst mirroring the look and feel of your website. With over three million people using the platform, if your not you are surely missing out.

Automation campaigns offer the ability to use your customer contact data in a much more efficient manner. Devising campaigns which provide both powerful segmenting and scheduling functionality alongside your usual data management.

Mailchimp Automation

When formulating effective strategies in house we ensure all our strategies are designed with a proactive approach. Our team focus on sending email campaigns that not only educate, but also reward, and engage with your subscriber base.

But how does automation work? we hear you ask…

Standard email campaigns are designed for specific send times. Generally set to mirror sales, product launches or other key marketing dates. With automated campaigns, emails are sent to defined groups of contacts as they meet triggers or sending criteria.

When formulating an automation strategy, we first must establish an automation type. Then we create a singular or a series of emails, and set the required sending criteria.

We proactively use contact data and activity to determine who should receive your emails and at what point. After we design and set up an automated email for your business. Mailchimp will manage the sending process moving forward, so your emails get to the right people at the right time.

What you can do with automation?

If you are a retailer who has a clearly outlaid path from signup, conversion or engagement, automation can streamline communication.

Ensuring all your customers receive the same message, information or promotional offers. Businesses may look to send a birthday coupon to customers once a year. Businesses can opt to use a follow up email requesting business reviews. An option may be to introduce a series of solicitations every few days.

Switching over regularly sent campaigns to automations, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend on creating unique content. In turn increase your ROI (Return on Investment)

When using Mailchimp to connect to your E-Commerce platform, you can also use automation for transactional messages. Emails such as abandoned cart emails, order notifications or follow up emails could generate additional revenue.

These automations could perhaps reach anyone who abandons a cart containing items without purchasing. Even customers who place an order on your store, even if they haven’t subscribed to your marketing emails!

Mailchimp can be used to create specific landing pages in addition to automation campaigns. Enabling a second level of communication to your outreach emails.

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