WooCommerce, 10 Reasons It’s Great

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1. Pricing

WooCommerce is commonly known as a flexible eCommerce solution. Firstly, when a new retailer is choosing the most suitable platform, they must consider pricepoint in their strategy. E-Commerce software and applications range in price from free to thousands of pounds per year. However in many cases the price isn’t necessarily related to the level of functionality included.

For example WooCommerce is extremely competitive with many leading costly eCommerce platforms as it’s free! Any business can take advantage of its extensive functionality without having to commit to expensive support contracts or licenses.

It’s important to be clear here that some third-party payment applications and select extensions may cost money. This money is generally paid directly to the extension owners, not the platform itself.

2. WooCommerce is Modular

Secondly just like WordPress, WooCommerce includes a vast range of features that can be endlessly extended with the addition of plugins. Business owners who use WooCommerce have access to thousands of WordPress plugins and themes. In addition a library of eCommerce-specific extensions built specifically for WooCommerce. With the right plugins, WooCommerce can be the perfect eCommerce platform for every retailer.

Plugins increase functionality in regards to shipping, payments, marketing reach, up-sell and cross-sell, how products are handled, and more. WooCommerce themselves recommend many plugins when using their store in order to make the most of the platform.

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3. WooCommerce Is WordPress

In reality, WooCommerce’s origin as a WordPress plugin is actually a strength. WordPress is hugely popular because it’s so flexible and functional. This is also the reason millions of businesses choose to use WordPress because it provides the best foundation for their sites. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use.

As a platform it inherits all of the strength and reliability of WordPress. Also, by doing so it allows users to build a world-class eCommerce experience for retailers and their customers.

4. We can sell anything on WooCommerce

WooCommerce is remarkably flexible. If you want to sell something… if you want to sell anything! You can sell it with WooCommerce. That includes physical products, digital products, recurring subscriptions, bookable appointments, and anything else you can think of.

Whether you intend to sell a single digital product or an enormous variety of physical products with multiple variants. Offering a truly flexible e-commerce platform.

5. WooCommerce Has A Great Community of Developers

WooCommerce and WordPress as we have discussed are both completely open source applications, what does this really mean? This means you are free to change or adapt any of the available core features you need (or don’t). You can even create brand new extensions with bespoke uses for your business, and design custom themes for a truly unique build.

For many other E-Commerce platforms, it can be difficult to find developers capable of doing that kind of work and if you are able find a developer willing to do the work, it can often be costly.

6. WooCommerce Includes Powerful Analytics

Customer data is truly one of your most valuable assets. The more you know about your customers and the way they interact with your website and its products, the better your opportunities for growth will be.

At a base level, Woo provides its own extensive set of built in analytics displayed in a clearly readable interface. Additionally, to go even further its simple to integrate WooCommerce with the even more powerful Google Analytics platform.

7. WooCommerce Grows Alongside Your Business

When choosing an E-Commerce application, it’s important to think about the future of your business as well as your goals and targets.

You may be a startup now, however in time you business may grow, you also want to ensure your platform pricing isn’t going to soar as your business does. Why pay out an additional premium for you success?

WooCommerce can scale from small business owners or handmade companies selling simply a few select products online to huge National brands many thousands or complicated products and variants.Whilst supporting a handful of shoppers a day to hundreds of shoppers per second in one single platform.

8. WooCommerce Allows For Amazing Content Management

As you would expect from any web development project built on the world’s most widely used content management system (WordPress), The WooCommerce platform is a sure fire premium facilitator as far as content is concerned.

On Site content is one of the most important facets of not only E-Commerce marketing, but also Sales Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation.

By combining the functionality of both WordPress and WooCommerce offers a superb range of content management options, including blogging, landing pages, email marketing, and product descriptions.

9. WooCommerce Is Fast!

WordPress and WooCommerce both provides a fast and responsive E-Commerce experience. Also allowing for limitless design and functionality options for online stores of all sizes.

When creating platforms for clients on Woo we ensure our builds are combined with both premium and secure hosting platform AWS..

10. WooCommerce Is Designed For Selling

WooCommerce is designed for selling and includes everything a retailer needs to get up and running, whatever your requirements:

  • The platform offers over 100 payment gateways that can be easily integrated with your store.
  • Allows the ability to create numerous shipping options using the features of shipping zones and shipping classes.
  • An extensive admin panel allowing the ability for stock management, refunds, email management, order controls, and everything else you could possibly need to run your online business.
  • You can pick from thousands of configurable and mobile-friendly themes and wireframes or even choose to build a custom theme to give your store a truly unique design.

So, Why Choose WooCommerce?

In summary, WooCommerce provides a complete E-Commerce solution both fast and easy to use, it can adapt to the needs of your retail setup with ease.

Offering sheer vast functionality options, the price point gives an amazing foundation for building and focusing finances on other marketing options.

Speak to the team here at ovo Studio to see what the WooCommerce platform can offer you now.

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