What Social Media channel is right for my business?

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There are variety of things you will need to consider as a business before choosing the most effective social media channel for you. The right social media channel is a key decision when committing resource to this marketing avenue, to ensure your ROI remains strong.

A primary consideration should be identifying your target demographic and in turn focusing on what is their most widely used social media outlet.

A key example here would be; if your target audience was composed mainly of males ages 60 years plus, its safe to say that Snapchat would definitely not be a key platform for conversion and raising your brand profile. You really need to focus your efforts on identifying your key demographic (target age, gender, location etc) before applying any marketing resource.

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Another vital factor is to pay attention to which social media channels your key competitors are using. Our team highly recommend you research your competition extensively, follow their channels, sign up to their mailing lists. doing so allows you valuable data, giving you the base to analyse other companies social media strategies and see what engagement and popularity they gain through their social media accounts. It absolutely makes sense to spend time before choosing your channel researching what works best for similar companies. 

Finally you need to consider the kind of content you want to focus on creating, what is going to generate the best level of interaction with your customer base? Different platforms will allow different levels of visual, textual and video content, some more than others but you may find particula platforms also limit you in certain outreach areas. 

One of the usual most popular safe options for businesses is Facebook. Currently in the process of redefining their branding image for a optimistic feel.

Facebook is the biggest social media channel reaching around 1.11 billion users each month, 665 million users each day and generates up to 645 million local business page views per week.

Facebook is great for both business and personal use, with an extensive suite of professional tools to help your engage with your customers and reach a wider audience. You will struggle to find a business without a page listing on Facebook, many of which making use of its insightful business features..

Be sure to do your homework before you commit to social media marketing, ensuring the platform provides the functionality, outreach and audience base you want to work towards

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