Does Having More Female Executives Help You Grow?

New research has found that having more female executives is directly correlated with better performance at companies. Researchers at Credit Suisse looked at over 3,000 companies from 56 countries to analyse their revenue growth and higher profit margins.  

This raised the question, is diversity in management the key to a successful business?

Credit Suisse now decide to look back into the 3,000 companies and focus on 476 family owned firms. They had previously found out that family owned businesses generate above average returns on stocks.

Once again, it was found that a greater number of female executives correlates with a much better share price performance over the past 10 years. “Striking results” is what Credit Suisse researchers had to say about their research, they also stated “Over the past five years, family owned companies with at least one women executive have outperformed male only family owned companies every year.”

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